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    Raiffeisen Polbank for its customers has prepared an offer mortgage loan on favorable terms. It is up to the customer depends on the amount of the loan, the terms of the loan and the payment of money and is what use the money received from the Bank. The maximum loan amount depends only on the financial capabilities and value of the property securing the loan, it may be up to 100%. The time that the customer receives the repayment of the loan ranges from 1 year to 20 years, but he gets the opportunity for the whole or partial repayment of the loan at any time during the validity of the contract. The Bank has prepared for its customers two types of installment, by which they can pay off the debt. These are the fixed installments and decreasing. The method of repayment of the Bank, the Customer may change at any time, doing one phone call to his advisors, or contact him by e-mail. The loan bears interest at Raiffeisen Bank, can vary slightly throughout the term of the loan, but it does not affect greatly increase the interest rate, which is about 6%.

    In its offer mortgage loans mBank has concluded a number of beneficial solutions. First of all, the submission is very convenient and fast. Just apply for the bank's website, and on the next day, the client gets a phone call from his advisers to agree convenient for the customer time and place of the meeting, and instructs necessary to sign the contract documents. MBank offers its customers a mortgage loan bearing interest at about 6% and a fixed margin of 3-4%. The minimum amount of the loan granted by mBank is 30 000 PLN. The maximum amount is 75% while the value of the property securing the loan. Time period to repay the entire debt amounts to 30 years, a customer at any time, may request immediate repayment of the entire loan. The preferred is the ability to pay the loan in several currencies, such as the Polish Zloty, Euro, US dollars and pounds sterling. In addition, the customer may at any time change the currency, for which it is to operate mortgage loan.


    ING Bank has a very advantageous offer mortgage loans to its customers. To get it, just be 18 years old, have a property that can be secured loans and paid work. In its offer, ING Bank has prepared a few variants of mortgage loan, which the customer can choose depending on their financial capabilities. These include: Loan without commission, with low margins and standard offer. About all these proposals the customer can learn more by accessing the bank's web site or by phone to a counselor who will describe the details of each offer. ING Bank mortgages bear interest at 5%, the Customer shall not be additional costs during the whole procedure related to the assignment of the loan. The Bank determines the possibility of repayment installments in a beneficial manner for the customer, it may choose a fixed installments or decreasing. ING fixes the term of the loan for 25 years, and the maximum amount that can grant to 80% of property value.

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